Colorado Can Do

Colorado Can Do

It’s time we said “enough” and did our duty, the way Coloradans do. Not by armchair arguing or vocal punditry, but in the way it’s always been done in Colorado: we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

We have a tremendous opportunity here in this beautiful state, one God himself chose to bless with the best of all things: people, water and earth. We need solutions to the problems facing our nation, true, but we need unified action on behalf of all Coloradans to preserve and protect all that’s important and essential to us.

We need to put aside prejudices and squabbles, we need to get back to work. All of us. We owe it to a state that gives us so much while asking for so very little in return. Join us. We’re ready. Are you?

Putting our people back to work. Everybody wants to talk about it, as long as it gets them a sound bite or recognition for personal gain. We are about ACTION.

Colorado Can Do supports leading the way forward, not looking to the past. We support making tough choices and building new opportunities in key business areas: Water, Wind, High Technology and Renewable Fibers & Textiles.

In the coming weeks this site will become a repository for the ways and the means forward. We call it like we see it: the nation is in deep trouble. Colorado can lead the way out. Colorado Can Do